Rules Of Newent Angling Club

Updated 28 January 2020


1.Only one rod/pole to be used at any one time during matches. Two rods may be used while pleasure fishing.
2.Groundbait, liquidised bread, and paste with a combined weight of 1kg is permitted.
3.No floating baits at all Newent AC matches home or away.
4.No feed to be introduced to swim prior to starting whistle (at all matches)
5.Barbless hooks only. All hooks must pass through hook gauges situated around Ford House lakes. Maximum size 14
6.Braided lines are not permitted.
7.A float must be used at all times unless a feeder rod is in use.
8. Lead/feeder rigs must be safe – elasticated rigs are allowed but fixed rigs are not.
9.A minimum of 150mm (6 inches) of line between pole tip and float.
10.A minimum of TWO keepnets must be used, with large carp in one net and silvers and small carp in another, while on the Top lake THREE  keepnets are preferred, splitting silvers, small carp, and large carp. Keepnets must be placed out to dry on the bank side until 10 minutes before the start of a match.
11.Nuts and cereal baits are not permitted, except hemp, tares and corn.
12.Boilies may be used as a HOOKBAIT ONLY. NO feeding of boilies is permitted at any time.
13.A period of 15 minutes is allowed to land a fish hooked on or prior to the finishing whistle (in all matches).
14.No exchanging of peg numbers (at all matches)
15.All litter must be taken away.
16.Any complaints must be given to a Club Official within 24 hours of the match finishing.
17.In the event of a complaint being received that may affect the result of a match, the payment of any prize money will be suspended until the committee has investigated the complaint.
18.All cars to be parked in the designated car parks. No parking by lakes except for anyone authorised by the  match official and water bailiffs 
19.Any anglers who carry on fishing after the end of match whistle will not be weighed in.
20.Removing of any bankside reeds, vegetation, etc. may only be carried out with the committee’s consent
21.Fishing from platforms only.
22.The committee’s decision is final.

Anyone found to be breaking any rules will be banned from the club.

These are deemed to be rules unless a fishery rule states otherwise (at away matches).

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